Around The Way

by Blaxel Rose and Ace Fadal

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Phil A
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Phil A Right off the bat this has the vibe of a great hip hop ALBUM. Like an actual album. Solid production & clever wordplay & delivery. Favorite track: Lampin.


Music should be fun, profitable or not. Spit what you know. Don't add to the almighty shit that is radio dependency. Seek music. Seek knowledge. Think globally…


released May 5, 2013


Blaxel Rose

Big thanks to my Mother and Father for giving me life, time and patience. I love you both. Thanks to my Brother for being who he is. Big thanks to my Wife D! I love you so much and you teach me how to love more every day. I love you! Eric, you are the most talented cat I know, and that's real. I'd also like to thank KC for being such a surreal place when you know where to look. I see you. Les Izmore IZ KC if you didn't know. Hearts of Darkness whuddup! Lastly, my second home in the desert Las Vegas. See you soon. You cold-blooded but fair...

Ace Fadal

First off, thank you to my earth, my whiz, my better half! L without your support, this album would not be. Thank you for allowing me to be creative in the lab and supporting what I do! I love you! Kansas City for being an inspiration and an influence on how I create my music. The nit and the grit. I have been promising you this album for over 2 years and its here. I would just like to thank the people that helped me along the way... In no particular order, just people who inspired me or gave me good advice.. Nate Charlson, Uncle K, Brendon, Lauren, Larkin, Teeter, Irish, Picklemeyers, House, Worm, DJ Shad, DJ Rockwell, Aksel Sunde, JKR70, RosyGirl, Les Izmore, Anna Cole, Vertigone, Jennifer Whendon, Dmott, Phism, Subliminal, Tracey Hillman, Le'Ronta, Poe M Olive, keep your head up homie!, Lindsey Frye, Ebony Simon, Dan Matic, Erin Bopp, Kyle Person, T.J. Matthews, Lovely Crew, J Wizz, Wendy Crim, Bryan Moore, Nici Watts, Gage Barton, Pam Denman, Brief, Loogey and the best DJ in the midwest Nick Fury....don't sleep! Beth Guinta, Caleb Coop, Damon Lee Patterson, Tucker, Nece Ruiz, Mythic, Danielle Person, Hank, Hearts of Darkness, Heartfelt Anarchy, Anarchy Movement, Joe Person III, Hector Manueal Solorio, KC Yardbirds, SKC, Eric Klemm, Shalon Tipton, Mike Brass, Rachel Roboto-Meyers, Cat Mahari, Herman Mahari, Milk-Drop, Isaya Turner, Dameon Webb, David Hudspeth, and Jon Hudspeth I love you so much little brothers. Jennifer, I love you, be safe, call me when you need me. Lajuana, Tiffany I miss you sister! Maestro, Mary MoMo, The whole Norway Crew, I miss you fuckers so much. Kelly so crazy. Derek and Christina Mecca, Gunn Jakc, Abniggy Norm, Joc Max, Heet Mob, DWill, Hymlayas, Ken Booth, Quinn Posinelli, Ne'Kol Kris, JT Grasser, Sterling Brown, Phil A, Dope Thought, Stick Figa, Sketch Markham, Mime Game, Matt Epstein, Jordan Smith, Urban Harvest KC, Shamless Management, Rick Maun, Cristian Tapia, Lightworkers,Soda, Raysa, Rainbojangles, Nayeli and my son Gage. Im sorry you broke your clavicle. I hope you recover soon little homie! If I forgot you, I will catch you on the next one?!!! I hope you enjoy this album... Now maybe I can relax. THIS IS MY SHIT! Thank you Kyle for blessing these shits. Im glad I was finally able to share these beats I've been sitting on for so long. PEACE



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